Shell FCU | Text Banking

Text Banking

To enroll, simply access the Shell FCU App and click on Text Banking at the bottom of the screen. Add your mobile number, and a text message with your verification code will be sent to you. Enter the code in the App to complete the registration process.

The number to text commands is 86020.

  • "MENU" will provide you with a list of available commands
  • "B" or "BAL" = account balance
  • "H", "HIST" or "HISTORY" = transaction history
  • "STOP" = to unsubscribe and deactivate this service
  • "X" = transfer (see sample below)
    Example: X source dest amount - Transfer amount from source share/loan to destination share/loan (e.g. X s0001 L0031 100.50)

To specify the account, text the command, such as “BAL”, and then space and the share ID. Therefore, it would be “BAL S0010”. You can locate your share and loan IDs in Online Banking. When logged in on the Accounts page the share or loan ID can be found next to the account number. The ID begins with an S or L with four digits following. For example xxxxxxx1234 S0010. Therefore, the ID would be S0010.