Protect Your Account!

DO NOT share personal information with unsolicited callers or texters claiming to be with Shell FCU. We will NEVER ask for your Digital Banking User ID or Password. If YOU initiate contact with us we may send you a one-time authentication code. If uncertain, hang up and call Shell FCU at (713) 844-1100. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

Building Dreams

In the spirit of “Growing Together”, Shell FCU is excited to present its "Building Dreams" initiative for 2024, which reflects a commitment to providing comprehensive financial services that extend beyond traditional banking. "Building Dreams" is rooted in the belief that financial well-being is an essential foundation for individuals to pursue and achieve their aspirations.

financial education

Financial Education

Provide resources and programs to educate members about financial literacy. This can include workshops, seminars, online resources, and one-on-one credit counseling.

access to capital

Access to Capital

Provide access to affordable credit and loans to help members fund major life events or investments, such as purchasing a home, starting a business, or furthering their education.

Savings and Investments

Savings & Investments

Offer savings and investment products that align with members' goals. This could include savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and other investment options that allow members to grow their wealth over time.


Community Engagement

Foster a sense of community by organizing events and initiatives that bring members together. This could include networking events, financial literacy workshops, or community outreach programs that contribute to the overall well-being of members.

In essence, Shell FCU's "Building Dreams" initiative is poised to play a crucial role in helping our members build and achieve their dreams!

250 Cash Back On Every Auto Loan

Shell FCU is Federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and is an Equal Opportunity Lender. Anyone who lives, works, worships, attends school, or regularly conducts business in Harris County, TX can bank with Shell FCU once a $5 savings account is established for membership. Your auto rate will be determined by your credit score, and qualifying Shell FCU loan criteria apply for all loans. *Existing Shell FCU loans are not eligible for refinancing, and special auto loans, such as title, are also not eligible for special promotions. $250 Cash Back per auto loan will be deposited into member's primary savings within 48 hours after closing and only applies to loans closed at a Shell FCU branch. Vehicles previously financed with Shell FCU are ineligible to receive Cash Back when refinanced by the same owner. Shell FCU offers two Skip-A-Pay(s) (SAP) per year on qualified loans with original terms up to 72 months. Loans finalized with Shell FCU on or after May 3rd, 2021 can elect their Skip-A-Payment month(s) through Digital Banking based on qualifying criteria. To qualify, your first payment must be processed prior to the SAP month, an extension must not have been granted in the month prior to the SAP month, you must be in good standing with the credit union and you must be current on any Shell FCU loan(s) in which you are a signer. By participating in the SAP program, you request that your loan payment be deferred. You agree and understand that: 1) the payment deferral will extend the term(s) of the loan(s); 2) interest will continue to accrue on the principal balance at the interest rate provided in the original loan agreement; 3) deferring payment will result in additional interest than if the payment was processed as originally scheduled. If applicable, refer to your GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) policy for further restrictions. GAP covers up to five Skip-A-Pays during the life of the loan. Applicable 1099 forms will be issued the following January. To qualify for 90 Days Deferred Auto Payments, you must have a credit score of 600 or higher, be in good standing with Shell FCU and close your loan at a Shell FCU branch. Interest will continue to accrue each month during deferment. Other restrictions may apply to qualify for SAP or deferred payments. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and Shell FCU reserves the right to discontinue any promotion at any time for any reason without notice.