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Important Credit Card Upgrade Notice

As part of the credit card upgrade, all Shell FCU credit cardholders have been mailed a new Visa credit card. Please check your mail daily. Be sure to activate your new Visa credit card as soon as possible. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

Business eBanking

Shell FCU offers Online Banking to give you more access and control over your accounts 24/7. Manage your money safely from any Internet-enabled computer when it’s convenient for you.

Online Banking allows you to:

  • Check balances on your accounts
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Access and search transaction history
  • View pending transactions
  • Review your Shell FCU loans - including credit card, mortgage and student loan
  • Initiate loan payoff quotes
  • Setup account alerts and nicknames
  • Perform member to member transfers
  • Originate external transfers - between your Shell FCU accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions
  • Export account information to use with other computer software
  • Open additional accounts - Shell FCU members can open additional savings, checking, money market, Christmas club and term share certificates
  • And much more!

Interested in Online Banking?

Request to be contacted by a Shell FCU representative.

New Online Banking Users

To enroll in Online Banking, review the Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure. Once you select “I Agree,” you will begin the enrollment process. You will need your Social Security number or Tax ID number (enter numbers only), account number and the eMail address currently listed on your account.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact us at (713) 844-1100.

Supported Online Banking Browsers

The current and prior major releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome are compatible with Shell FCU’s Online Banking. When a new version is released to the web support will cease on the third-oldest major version. Please note that utilizing older browsers may result in disabled functionality or limited access to services. The supported browsers are for use with Online Banking and do not apply to use with mobile devices (phones/tablets).

Experience may be impacted if you access accounts via an embedded browser such as:

  • Personal or commercial financial management software (Quicken, Quickbooks, etc.)
  • Browser bar within AOL, Yahoo, Google, etc.
  • Internet portal access within gaming system such as xBox
  • Browser add-ins (emoticons, FunWeb services, etc.)

Mobile Banking allows you to stay connected to your Shell FCU accounts anytime and anywhere. It's never been easier to access the Shell FCU App via your Internet-enabled phone or tablet device.

To download the Shell FCU Mobile App visit the Apple App, Google Play or Windows Apps Store and search for Shell FCU. If you have previously enrolled in Online Banking you will use the same username and password when logging in to Mobile Banking. For first time Online or Mobile Banking account access click “Enroll Here.” As the primary account holder you will need your account number, social security number and last name to enroll. A valid email address must be registered with credit union to complete the enrollment process.

  • Check balances on your accounts
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • View transaction details for all activity in your account history
  • View pending transactions
  • Review your Shell FCU loans - including credit card, mortgage and student loan
  • Initiate quick balance, text banking and fingerprint authentication (fingerprint authentication not available for Windows phones at this time)
  • Complete deposits via Mobile Deposit
  • Add memos when you make a Mobile Deposit or transfer money
  • Enable and disable debit and ATM cards via Card Controls
  • Access Bill Pay to schedule payments and add payees
  • Forgot Password Link available on the app
  • Member to Member Transfers
  • Apply for a Loan
  • Setup Alerts
  • Communicate with your Apple Watch
  • And much more!

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact us at (713) 844-1100.

Interested in Mobile Banking?

Request to be contacted by a Shell FCU representative.

Shell FCU does not charge any fees to use Mobile Banking, however, your wireless service provider may charge additional fees for internet access and/or for the bandwidth used. SMS charges may apply. Contact your wireless service provider for details on the actual cost of using your device to access the internet and text messages.

With Shell FCU's Bill Pay, there's no more writing checks, buying stamps or trips to the post office. Bill Pay is simple and free for unlimited bills per month. Plus, it only takes a few minutes for the initial set up.

Bill Pay allows you to automatically set up one-time or recurring payments for the creditors, dates and the amounts you want. Pay any company or individual with a U.S. postal address.

  • Schedule bill payments directly from your account
  • Set up payments for recurring bills like mortgage, rent, utilities, etc.
  • Pay individuals such as your family members or relatives
  • Control which bills are paid, the amounts that are paid, and when the money should be deducted from your account
  • Setting up bills for recurring payment is quick and easy

To enroll in Bill Pay, access Online Banking and select Bill Pay. You will be asked to agree to the disclosure and can begin using immediately. Should you have questions, please contact us at (713) 844-1100 for assistance.

When selecting your payment date you will be shown a process date and deliver by date. The process date will be the day the funds are withdrawn from your account for electronic payments and/or payments by check. The deliver by date is the day in which the payee is anticipated to receive the payment.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact us at (713) 844-1100.

Supported Bill Pay Browsers

Supported Browsers for Bill Pay are Internet Explorer® version 9 and above, Firefox® version 24 and above, Safari® version 5 and above for Mac, and Google Chrome version 31 and above.

A Shell FCU Debit Card can be used at an ATM for cash or at any merchant that accepts Visa transactions. When using at an ATM you can specify the available account to withdrawal from. Merchant transactions are deducted from your checking account.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Direct Deposit also eliminates employees having to make a trip to the bank or credit union. Plus, they are confident that their earnings are in their accounts on time, every time on their scheduled payday - regardless if they are at work, on vacation, traveling or sick.

Direct Payments allow on-time payments of insurance premiums, utility bills (power, phone, cable, water, etc), maintenance fees, and service dues, just to name a few. Many companies bill for a regular service, such as professionals, (doctors, lawyers, accountants) and can offer ACH as a means of on-time payments. As the float on paper checks has decreased, writing checks is no longer a way to extend posting of debit items.

Additional details are available by speaking to any Shell FCU representative at (713) 844-1100 or in person at any Shell FCU branch.

With free eStatements from Shell FCU, you can receive your account statements anywhere you have Internet access. Every month, you will receive an email notifying you that your statement is ready for viewing. You can always print out a copy for your records. Experience the freedom of eStatements by registering today.