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Scam Alert - Paypal & Online Banking Credentials

Numerous members have received a text message and a subsequent call appearing to come from our main number, (713) 844-1100, and attempting to verify activity on the account. The caller eventually claims to need the member’s username and password for online banking. Shell FCU will NEVER request your User ID, Password, or any one-time-PINs needed to log in to online banking. This information is personal to you and we urge you to NEVER share that information with anyone. If you are unsure of the identity of the person on the phone, hang up and call us back at our main number, (713) 844-1100. 

Secure eMail

Secure eMail encrypts messages sent and received through a protected delivery portal. Encryption adds a layer of security to safeguard sensitive data sent over networks – social security number, account information, etc. As your trusted financial institution, protecting you is a top priority.


How To Set Up Your Secure eMail Account

Step #1:   When you receive an encrypted email from Shell FCU, select Click Here to view secure eMail link. 
Step #2: Set up a password and security question; then select the Create Account button. 
Step #3:

Check your registered email for a link to confirm your information and gain access to the delivery portal. If you do not receive the email, click the Recent Account Information button.


If you need to reset your password or have forgotten your password to access the Secure eMail portal, please call us at 713-844-1100.