6 Sep 2019

Stay Password Protected

Would you tell a deep, dark secret to a perfect stranger? Or if someone knocked on your door claiming that they wanted to give you a present soon, would you give them a key to your house so they could drop it off later? Probably not, right? Well every day thousands of scammers are working to convince you to do just that, but with your online banking username and password.

Many scams today are based on gaining access to your online banking, whether they are claiming to be tech support, a loan company, or someone who just wants to “help” you. Rest assured, no legitimate company or person will EVER need your username and password. Never give out your credentials, no matter the reason they give. And if you have given out your username and password to someone, please call us at 713-844-1100 as soon as possible so we can secure your account and keep your money safe.

Remember, your password is secret, and no one else should ever have it.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

23 Jul 2019

Member Verification Audit

The Supervisory Committee has engaged Warren Averett, LLC, to examine a random sample of member accounts for verification. You may receive a request from Warren Averett, LLC to compare your account balance to the statement balance included in the verification letter. Please verify and report any discrepancies to Warren Averett as instructed in your letter and return in the enclosed envelope. This verification is a routine audit Shell Federal Credit Union performs on an annual basis. If you have any questions, please call us at 713-844-1100.

28 Mar 2019

Phishing Email Scam Alert

We have received reports of fraudulent emails being received that appear to be sent from Shell Federal Credit Union. The fraudulent email requests PayPal information to complete refund processing. Shell FCU does not solicit personal/private information from members via email. If you ever receive a message asking for personal or private information and the sender claims to be Shell FCU, please ignore the request. You are most likely being targeted in a phishing scam. Delete the message immediately. Should you have questions or concerns please reach out to us at 713-844-1100. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

3 Jul 2018

Mobile Check Deposit Change

Effective July 1, 2018, all checks deposited using the Shell FCU mobile App must have the endorsement “For Mobile Deposit Only” clearly written on the back. To prevent any delays in depositing your checks, please ensure this endorsement is on all items. Checks that are missing this endorsement may be rejected, and the deposited funds removed from the account.